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Erin, the girl of a hundred hats, creates original, one of a kind hats for every occasion, and is the owner of Olive and Boone Custom Millinery,  She also owns Hamlet~District of Design and is an interior designer. So she truly does wear many hats :) She has this bright, infectious, sparkling smile, and her personality is just as sparkly!

Zach, all 6'-12" of him(or so it seemed), is a former professional basketball player, who played for Gonzaga, and then in France for 9 years. He is now the Vice-President of a geotechnical sonic drilling company!

They also have a blended family, and I can't forget to mention his & hers pooches that complete their story. Erin's buddies, Cher & Hamlet, and Zach's, Riley & Syrah , kept the couple on their toes during the shoot and wrapped up in leashes! :)

When I asked how they met, Erin said, "He just cold called me one day....", after quite a lengthy period of prompting from his friends to "Call this girl!".  He finally did, and the rest is history, at least up until now!! Everything about this couple is just as spontaneous and fun as their introduction, and 'shooting' these two was so much fun! I loved, their natural, playful, organic interactions, and know these two are a perfect match!!

Here is a sneak peek~

Zach & Erin~Engagement Sneak Peek


IMG_1493IMG_1493 IMG_1469IMG_1469 IMG_1546IMG_1546

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The Rosses and Goliath https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2015/2/the-rosses-and-goliath Who would have thought that we would have gorgeous, 50 degree, sunny weather in February? We did though, and it was the perfect day to take the Ross Family out to one of their favorite places to hike and get out of town for a few, for some family pics!

Dad & Mom, (Aaron & Edith), were such a sweet couple with a great, easy camaraderie, that it was a joy to work with them, beautiful Vanessa and sweet, shy Alyssa, finished out the bunch.

Actually, that is not true, because there was also Goliath, a dog among dogs, man among men, protector of his family, and recipient of many hugs, kisses and love from not only his family, but also from my girls, who were along for the ride!

Here is a sneak peek, of this fun, awesome family!

Check them out!


PS. Dad's smiles might have been partially fueled by the shopping trip to Cabela's, promised after pics were done ;-D


Meet Goliath & The Rosses Meet Goliath & The Rosses Meet Goliath & The Rosses IMG_1334

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NW Opera "DowntowntonAbbey" https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/4/nw-opera-downtowntonabbey What a fun time I had yesterday, watching the talented members of NW Opera in a final full dress rehearsal of "Downtownton Abbey." Here are a few of the great pictures I took at their rehearsal, enjoy, and when I have the nearly 700 images edited I will put them all up on my website for viewing :)

NW Opera  will be performing "Downtownton Abbey" as well as "Un Bel Diva" at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on the following dates:

April 26, 2013 @7:30 PM

April 27, 2013 @2:00 PM

May 4, 2013, @7:30 PM

Once edited ALL images from this session will be posted at http://www.pixallphotography.com/p983139088. Please check back to view them all :)





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SCRAPS "Pets of the Week" https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/4/scraps-pets-of-the-week For this weeks "Pets of the Week" I am doing things a tad different, and doing TWO Kitty "Pet of the Week".

First, meet Princess, #0816 This girl has been there a couple of weeks and is still waiting for her forever home. She is quiet, and soo shy, but she is the SWEETEST, little girl! Look at these big pretty eyes and come in and give her a pat. She needs someone to love her, and get past her shyness, because once you do, she is soo sweet and lovable, and LOVES being petted. http://www.pixallphotography.com/p860262438


Our other Kitty "Pet of the Week" is Cosmo, #0458! This beautiful black and white kitty, has also been there a couple of weeks, waiting for her new friend to come find him and love him! He is sad because he has been at SCRAPS a couple of weeks, and although he is well taken care of there, and gets lots of love from the awesome volunteers, He REALLY, REALLY wants his own home, with his own people, so please come and see Cosmo, and see what a beautiful kitty he is, and make him your new 'furever' friend. http://www.pixallphotography.com/p637340432




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SCRAPS Doggy, Kitty AND Bunny "PET OF THE WEEK" https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/3/scraps-doggy-kitty-and-bunny-pet-of-the-week Time for SCRAPS "PETS OF THE WEEK" :)

This week, not only do I have a doggy and kitty pet, but How could I leave out the Easter Bunny????


Doggy 'Pet of The Week'

Mr Griffen, This hunk is going to get a new life as a Law Dog, he is being placed in a law enforcement training program, So here's to Griffen, making the world a safer place! http://www.pixallphotography.com/p801917672

Kitty 'Pet of The Week'

Meet Pasha. This girl is one big bundle of love! She loves to be petted, and played with and will meow her way into your heart! http://www.pixallphotography.com/p978455859


Last but not least..........

Bunny 'Pet of The Week'

Check out EB(Easter Bunny) Come on, how could I NOT include him as a Pet of The Week!!! http://www.pixallphotography.com/p805966833

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SCRAPS Doggy and Kitty PET OF THE WEEK https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/3/scraps-doggy-and-kitty-pet-of-the-week Of all the amazingly adorable animals at SCRAPS, I choose two especially fantastic pets!

Please meet:



 This darling has some PAWS on him that he hasn't completely figured out what to do with yet. At 5 months old, he has plenty of time to do it, as well, as planty of time to give his new owner TONS Puppy Loves! http://www.pixallphotography.com/p513660983




Meet: This Little Gray fellow!

I think somewhere along the way, someone told this guy that he was a parrot, because he will perch on your shoulder like a bird! Check him out and call SCRAPS to see him. http://www.pixallphotography.com/p442505662

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My New Adventure with SCRAPS https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/3/my-new-adventure-with-scraps So excited to start my latest adventure with SCRAPS. I volunteer my photography taking beautiful portaits of these amazing animals, looking for someone to love them and take care of them. Follow my blog to see the latest "Pet of The Week" each week.

For March 7, 2013 we have selected

Daisy~This ol' gal was the sweetest, heart melter you'll find ANYWHERE! Check out her sad brown eyes, and long hound ears, and tell me you don't fall in love!!


And we also have:

Rocky~Our Kitty Pet of the Week, he is 'Stepping' out in style, ready for some St Paddy's Day celebrations!! Or so it would seem :)


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Dream Duals Wrestling at East Valley 2013 https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/2/dream-duals-wrestling-at-east-valley-2013

Jan 26-27, 2013

Had a great time 'shooting' Dream Duals Wrestling tournament at East Valley High School this weekend. Stood all day, 10 pounds of camera and lens around my neck, sore back, but I got what I came for, about 1600 total AWESOME wrestling pics!!

Check a couple out, then go to the galleries to see them all!!!



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East Valley vs Cheney Blackhawks January 17, 2013 https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/1/east-valley-vs-cheney-blackhawks-january-17-2013

hannah@pixallphotography.com (Pix'All Photography) Cheney Blackhawks East Valley High School East Valley Knights Photography Pix'All Portraits Senior Sports Varsity Wrestling photography https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/1/east-valley-vs-cheney-blackhawks-january-17-2013 Sun, 20 Jan 2013 08:08:40 GMT
Check out these athletes from East Valley High's Varsity Wrestling team January 16, 2013 https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/1/check-out-these-athletes-from-east-valley-highs-varsity-wrestling-team-january-16-2013

hannah@pixallphotography.com (Pix'All Photography) East Valley High School East Valley Knights Hounds Photography Pix'All Pullman Pullman High School photography senior sports https://www.pixallphotography.com/blog/2013/1/check-out-these-athletes-from-east-valley-highs-varsity-wrestling-team-january-16-2013 Sun, 20 Jan 2013 07:52:33 GMT